Velton's Bonsai Blend Espresso

On my recent return from Seattle Coffee Gear I was accompanied by a pound of freshly roasted Velton's Bonsai Blend Espresso beans.

The Baratza Virtuoso Preciso grinder made short work of it on an 11H grind. I tried a 10E grind on my Ascaso Dream but even that was too fine, resulting in a very small trickle of dark, dark goodness.

At an 11H grind on the Preciso, I pull 1.5 ounces in about 24 seconds with a very creamy, almost whipped texture on the top half of the shot. I get an acidic bite on the front end (now using 2 weeks after they've been roasted) and a smokey, roasted nut quality on the backend. I rate it ahead of the Intelligentsia Honey Badger espresso beans I reviewed a few weeks ago, but I'm planning a pilgrimage to Zoka Roasters retail store this weekend in Tangletown, Seattle - I'm very excited to try their freshest beans. Zoka's roasts in the store in vacuum bags (which I imagine are 30-60 days old) are still great - the fresh stuff must be amazing. Stay tuned!

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