Do you need to dry out freshly made pasta before using?

When making pasta, many people wonder if the freshly made pasta needs to dry out before it can be used. Yes, freshly made pasta should lay out to dry before it can be used. The recommended drying time is usually one hour. When drying the pasta, it is possible to lie them on a flat surface, but pasta drying racks are highly recommended. These pasta drying racks will allow long strips of pasta to dry without taking up too much space. They also save on clean-up time, as the pasta noodles may dry on a rack without the use of a flour-covered surface. Pasta drying racks also allow the pasta to dry evenly. Racks that are made of unfinished wood work best, as the unfinished wood secures the noodles easily, and won't allow them to slip off while they are drying. Once the pasta has dried for about one hour, it can then be cooked or stored away in the refrigerator or freezer for future use.

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